Economic Output of Latinos in US at $2.1 Trillion by World Of The Latino Cuisine

Economic Output of Latinos in US at $2.1 Trillion

A new report, produced by the Latino Donor Collaborative, published June 28, 2017,  pegs the economic output of the 55 million Latinos in the US at $2.1 trillion USD. This amount in GDP terms would represent the 7th largest economy in the world. Larger than the economies of India, Italy, Brazil or Canada.

As the US population ages, the workforce is becoming more and more Latino. The median age of Latinos is 28, compared to 40 for the non-Latino population.
From 2010 to 2015, 360,000 young Latinos joined the labor force, compared to 155,000 young non-Latinos.

Using the base figure of $2.1 Trillion as purchasing power, Hispanic food & beverages expenditures are now at over $240 billion per year!

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