Exclusive Interview Rich and Famous with Olga María Czarkowski

Interview with Olga María Czarkowski

Chef Carlos La Cruz (CLC): What is your favorite type of cuisine, and what country is it from? Does it bring up any fond memories that you would like to share?

Olga Maria Czarkowski (OMC): I love exotic cuisines. I am all about experiencing different cultures through their cuisine. I love Indian, Thai, Japanese, and Italian food the most. Each taste transports me to different parts of the world. I love traveling and discovering new things. For me, there is nothing better than a great meal paired with a glass of wine.

CLC: Do you remember at what age you started to cook? What did you cook then, and what do you like to cook most these days?

OMC: Actually, I never cooked that much. I was always a woman on the go running around New York City in heels, or jet-setting to other parts of the world. Now, I cook a lot of Puerto Rican and Italian food. Puerto Rican food transports me back to my roots, to my childhood memories with my grandma and my mother. I do love when my mom visits me, because nothing can compare to her dishes.

CLC: In your life, what has been the most precious moment related to food― and where did you experience it?

OMC: I think I was in Xi’an, China. Xi’an is very well known for traditional, homemade noodles. I [saw] how they made [them] from scratch. It was awesome being there, experiencing the whole process and then eating the final dish. Chinese food in China is the real thing, totally different from what we eat in the United States.

CLC: What were your favorite store-bought desserts/sweets, and where in Puerto Rico were they located?

OMC: As a child, I always loved candies and desserts typical of Puerto Rico, such as: ajonjolí (sesame seed candy), dulce de coco (coconut candy), pilones (tropical lollipops), flan de queso (cheese custard), and tembleque (coconut pudding). I bought them in San Juan or in different local stores around the town I was raised in, Bayamón.

CLC: What is your favorite protein?
OMC: I love a great steak once in a while―churrasco (grilled skirt steak) with chimichurri (garlic, parsley, and pepper-based) sauce.

CLC: Favorite vegetable?
OMC: Broccoli and cauliflower

CLC: Favorite color?
OMC: Purple, and then blue

CLC: Favorite flower?
OMC: Red roses, and orchids

CLC: Favorite fruit?
OMC: Strawberries

CLC: Favorite cocktail?
OMC: Kir Royale

CLC: What don’t you like to eat?
OMC: I do not like onions or tomatoes. I do like tomato sauce, but not the actual tomato.

CLC: Thank you

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