Exclusive interview with Phillip Delacruz Dama Tequila creator


Philip Delacruz
by Chef Carlos La Cruz



Carlos: What do you do?

Phillip: My background is a graphic artist with a passion for creative product packaging

CL: Where are you from grow up and what is your favorite food?

PD: I grew up in San Francisco – I’m a Mexican/Bolivian mutt. Asking what my favorite food is, is like asking me my favorite type of women…LOL  I love them all, they all have their own color, texture and taste. But I think Italian is very much on the top of my list.

CL: Your favorite cuisine and chef?

PD: I love Spanish/Tapas cuisine – Chef Carlos La Cruz of course!

CL: What’s your favorite protein?

PD: 3 inch steak – rare please

CL: What’s your favorite vegetable?

PD: eggplant

CL: what’s your favorite fruit?

PD: Nectarine
CL: What is your business and how many jobs do YOU do in that business?

PD: I am the president of DAMA Brand International, Inc. (DBI) I try to hire the best people in their appropriate job titles. DBI has different divisions within our corporate structure that offers products and services, from corporate identity design and branding, product development, Spirits, Tequila of course to Music TV, and consulting.

CL: What is success to you?

PD: Success to me means provide jobs and make enough money to give back to the dis-advantage, education, mental and medical support through our DAMA Foundation.

CL: What would be your greatest accomplishment? Anything job, children, family.

PD:   My legacy is to give back to humanity – I admire Bill Gates

CL: If you could tell me what words spoken /unspoken keeps your heart moving towards the ultimate success?

PD: Creating new ideas

CL: What advice do you have for youngsters today?

PD: Put down the cell phones… go to a library pick up a book, feel the paper, look at true colors, enjoy quiet time there. Stay in School, find some one you admire that has accomplished something positive and strive to be like them.

CL: What is the one piece of advice your mother, sister, grandmother, friend gave you that have an affect or reflect on what you do today.

PD: You only have one mother, treat her like you want your kids to treat you.

CL: What moves you?

PD: Art. Food. Music and seeing people happy from what I can offer.

CL: When you don’t want to move, what drives you to move?

PD: A creative idea that can’t wait to be forgotten and have to start drawing or write it down.

CL: Are you doing something you are passionate about and what is your next project?

DAMA Tequila – ‘The world’s first luxury tequila created by women for women …and the men who love them’.