Interview with Fashion Designer Elys Berroteran by Chef Carlos La Cruz

Interview with

Elys Berroteran by Chef Carlos La Cruz

Carlos: What does a designer of your stature do and what is your diet when you are on tour in different fashions shows outside your country?

Elys Berroteran

Every place I visit is an adventure, and one of the highlights is to know the culinary culture of each place.

Carlos: Where are you from, where you grew up and what kind food you enjoyed?

Elys Berroteran

I am from Caracas, Venezuela Caricuao to be specific, and I grew up with the Venezuelan Arepas and the good flavor of all the dishes we enjoy in our country.

Carlos: Your favorite cuisine/chef?

Elys Berroteran

I love variety, from Italian to Japanese, my chef may sound a little strange is the cook of the family called “Luisa” she has always delighted us with different dishes.

Carlos: What is your favorite protein?

Elys Berroteran


Carlos: What is your favorite vegetable?

Elys Berroteran

Potato but I would say that it is a tuber with that being said, I would say pepper.

Carlos: What is your favorite flower and fruit?

Elys Berroteran

Lilies and Strawberries

Carlos: What is your business and how many jobs you do in this business?

Elys Berroteran

My business is designing art for Moda Caracas Moda I am the Producer and Creative Director and now as a designer.

Carlos: What is the meaning of success for you? How does it feel to be among the top designers in the Latino world and where you want to go as a designer?


Elys Berroteran

Success is not where we arrived, I believe that success is the journey to achieve what we like.

I do not believe to be among the first designers of the Latin world, but I want to become an example and a source of pride for my country. I am grateful to Sobeidy Vidal and Latin Fashion today I have the opportunity to showcase my work outside of my country.

Carlos: What would be your biggest achievements? Concerning work, children, family.

Elys Berroteran

My greatest achievement is to inspire and help all new and creative artists in the world of fashion. Become the pride of Venezuela and continue working on what I love.

Carlos: What keeps you going and fills your heart with the yearning for success in difficult times?

Elys Berroteran

Love, the love for my country, for my family, to show that Venezuelans are great.

Carlos: What advice would you give to young women and men who start in your career?

Elys Berroteran

Always believe in what you do, no matter what anyone says, always have faith and believe in the possibility that dreams do come true!

Carlos: What advice have you received that impact or reflect on what you do today?

Elys Berroteran

To believe in me and to live every day as the last, my mother always said that, without forgetting every day we must thank God for what we have.

Carlos: What moves you?

Elys Berroteran

Faith and Love

Carlos: In your travels what country and cuisine have impressed you?

Elys Berroteran

Not if it makes sense, but the US has impressed me with the great mix of cultures, I can find Vietnamese food around the next corner Mexican.

12) Are you doing something you love and your next project?

Elys Berroteran

I am preparing my next collection, is obviously something that I love and I love more every day!

Thank you for allowing us this interview.