Interview with Madonna Williams by Chef Carlos La Cruz

Interview With
Madonna Williams by Chef Carlos La Cruz

Carlos: What do you do?

Madonna: I am a celebrity blogger and publicist.

Carlos: Where are you from, where did you grow up, and what is your favorite food?

Madonna: I was born and raised on the beautiful island of Jamaica. I grew up in the capital, named Kingston, and my favorite food is crab legs.

Carlos: Your favorite cuisine and chef?

Madonna: I would say I love seafood platters; I am in love with anything in shell. I have no personal chef, but I love a man who can cook. (Laughs.)

Carlos: What’s your favorite protein?

Madonna: Salmon.

Carlos: What’s your favorite vegetable?

Madonna: Callaloo.

Carlos: What’s your favorite flower and fruit?

Madonna: Love me some poinsettia and grapes.

Carlos: What is your business, and what you do in that business?

Madonna: I am a jack-of-all-trades: I host celebrity red carpets, I conduct interviews, I am a branding publicist, and I run my amazing blog,

Carlos: What is success to you?

Madonna: Success is recognition—when others recognize and give your work credit, that’s success. Success has no limit. If you are passionate about something and you gave it your all, fail or gain, that’s success.

Carlos: What would be your greatest accomplishment with regards to work, children, family?

Madonna: I would say producing my own awards show, the Image Entertainment Distinction Awards. This year, 2015, will be its third year.

Carlos: Could tell me what words, spoken or unspoken, keep your heart moving toward the ultimate success?

Madonna: Money. (Laughs.)

Carlos: What advice do you have for younger women today?

Madonna: Younger? Are you saying I am old? I am forever young. My advice would be, age doesn’t wait on you. Work on your life goals while you have the strength. Never give up on your dreams, and love yourself first.

Carlos: What is the one piece of advice you received from your family or friends that had an effect on what you do today?

Madonna: I would say my dad. He is deceased now. He always taught me never to be a follower but a leader.

Carlos: What moves you?

Madonna: Are you talking about music? Acts of kindness move me.

Carlos: When you don’t want to move, what drives you?

Madonna: Money. (Laughs.)

Thank you so much Madonna Williams for sharing your career with us.

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