Loisaida Street Festival May 29, 2016 is back and stronger than ever

The Loisaida Street Festival takes place in New York City’s lower east side know as alphabet city or Loisaida depends who you talk to.

For the longest time the enclave of the Puerto Rican community that settled in the late 40s, 50s-and 60s where the Puerto Rican Poet’s Cafe was born the Poetry of the Nuyoricuas was established and the need of a community festival was born, hence the Loisaida Street Festival.

Held every year during Memorial day weekend it has grown to be the largest kick-off event prior to the Puerto Rican Pride Parade and the beginning of the Puerto Rican heritage celebrations throughout NY City.

We had the pleasure to attend the kick off reception this past Thursday and we met Iris Chacon The Vedette of America, J.W. Cortes (Detective Alvarez) in Gotham and other community leaders in the Puerto Rican Diaspora.

Below there is more information of the festival and the history.