Mr. Oswald Rivera Alcapurrias (Stuffed Cassava) Recipe

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  Alcapurrias could be a traditional Caribbean word, a very popular snack along the categories of cuchifrito (bite sized snacks) and frituras (fritters) typically made with Green Bananas Mr. Oswald is doing this recipe with Yuca The American heritage dictionary of the english language defines Cassava as a tropical American plant with a starchy root from […]


Passion Fruit Sorbet

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Passion fruit sorbet This is a very refreshing dessert with a nice tangy caribbean flavor 2-Kilograms passion fruit puree 1-Liter water 800-Grams sugar 1-Tablespoon stabilizer In a saucepan combine Sugar, stabilizer, and water bring to a boil in a separate mixing bowl whisk puree and syrup together. Cool down and freeze in an ice cream […]


Arroz con Pollo (Chicken and Rice)

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Arroz con Pollo This is my recipe for Chicken and Rice (1) 2 # of Chicken pieces (2) 3- Whole black peppercorns 3- Cloves of garlic 1tsp dried oregano 1tbsp Salt 1 tsp White vinegar (3) 1tbsp lard or vegetable oil 2 Oz. Salt Pork       2 Oz. Cured lean ham (4) 1 Onion Peeled […]