Bebo’s Cafe Santurce, Puerto Rico
Bebo’s is located in Santurce, PR.
Located on Calle Loiza, it is an old converted, enclosed Come y Vete (“Eat and Go” or eatery) that has been in the same location for many years.
As a young child growing up in Puerto Rico, I remember going thereEven when I was in my teens and working in the adjacent Condado area,  I went there for either lunch
or a quick bite after leaving the nearby bars.
After many years, I returned to Puerto Rico last year and a friend asked me and my partner to join him for dinner at Bebo’s. I did not recognized the place nor the name as it was not the original nameand the place is now an enclosed establishment, with a much larger clientele.
We immediately liked the atmosphere and food. We enjoyed it so much that this year we returned to eat the same evening we arrived to San Juan.
We went in and were seated by the window facing the street, we ordered two sodas got our menu. The restaurant has a very extensive thick menu with dinnerstyle stock, an overwhelming amount of pages, but it was worth going through them.
We ordered Mofongo stuffed with churrasco steak (Mashed green plantains stuffed with skirt steak). The flavor was exquisite, with extra pieces of the churrasco laid around the plate. It’s stewed with peppers, Spanish onions and cilantro, culantrogarlic, salt and pepper.
Mofongo with Churrasco
Mofongo with Churrasco
We also ordered the Bistec rebosado (Panfried steak dredged in flour and eggs) accompanied by a tri-fongo (Mashed green plantains, yams and ripe plantains). I was in heaven. The last time I had that dish was at least 10 years ago.
Bistec Rebosado
Bistec Rebosado
For dessertwe ordered Flan de Queso (Custard made with cheese) and Guava cheesecake.
The flan was very dense because of the cheese. It was very tasty. The cheesecake was good but not what I expected. We all have particularities in our recipes: this was a cheesecake topped by a sugar and guava mixture then topped with a guava glaze. Tasty!
Guava Cheesecake
Guava CheesecakeFlan de Queso
Flan de Queso
I for one make this dessert by incorporating the guava into the batter before baking it.
If you visit Puerto Rico or live there, I recommend this place for an affordable meal and you are guaranteed to leave with a full, satisfied belly.
Buen Provecho
Nelson Gonzalez-Gonzalez
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