Mama Sushi Washington Heights

Mama Sushi Restaurant
When this Restaurant opened it was one of our favorites in the area. Mama Sushi is an
off shoot restaurant from the owners of Mama Juana located in Inwood an old Latin restaurant that is now an institution with several locations in the New York, New Jersey area.

When I say it was a favorite of mine I mean it. Last night, we went for dinner, and the place looks great. From a small hole in the wall, the restaurant now took over a adjacent space and expanded.

It’s a very energetic place, lively atmosphere with black and red decor, some art work depicting mushrooms and flowers open kitchen that overlooks the bar where you can see them preparing the house rolls.



However my favorite dishes were not up to par to what I remembered them to be. The appetizers were good, We ordered:

Fried Calamari, which is served with mock Russian dressing, a typical Dominican sauce
made with ketchup and mayonnaise and a touch of cayenne pepper. It was crispy and fresh.

Also we ordered:

Edamame, nicely salted not overly done. We really liked it.

Now to the main entrees
I ordered one of my old-time favorites,  “Merengue.” This is a sushi roll made with Salmon, avocado, cream cheese, topped with sweet plantain. I also ordered the “Three Amigos,” which is a Spicy Tuna, Spicy Salmon, Spicy Yellow Tail, Tempura Flakes topped with pineapple.

Bear in mind, this restaurant is a fusion of Japanese and Dominican Flavors the Chefs combine their culinary expertise and create a Fusion that does play well, sweetness and tartness that enhance each other well, after all Coriander or as we in the latin world know as Cilantro derived from Asia. By all means combining both flavors does work.

The names in their house rolls play on words, that are used in the local neighborhood and is reminiscent of the Dominican upbringing, such as “Merengue,” the latin beat of DR. “Tigueres” a word to describe the young men, and “Campesino” which means countrymen, or farmer, in English. There is also names representing characteristics of the hood in food, such as “Dyckman” “Seaman,” “177 and 3rd ave,” and so on.

I was a bit disappointed with the “Merengue” dish. The overall dish is good, but I believe that instead of using ripe plantains they used sweet baby bananas, therefore altering the sweet compliment to the flavors.


My companion ordered the “Merengue” dish and “El Campesino” (The Countryman)
He was disappointed with both dishes. He believed there was something off with the consistency of the sticky rice.


To end our dinning experience we ordered
Tres Leches. Typically this dessert is made with three types of milk, and you soak the genoise cake to the point that is supposed to ooze on the plate. This one was done with a pineapple crust, and it was not as moist as a Tres Leches tend to be, but instead had the dryer consistency of pound cake.


If you want to have a taste of little Republica Dominicana (D.R.)
This is the fun place to go. There are great combinations of food you can try.
Over all I do recommend it, you will have fun.


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