Oceano Condado, Puerto Rico


Oceano is located on the Atlantic Beach coast of the Condado area in San Juan PR.
It has been featured on television show, Chef Wanted with Chef Anne Burrell.

I worked at this restaurant, and used to hang out there in my youth. Formerly the space, housed a Guesthouse, Bar and Restaurant called The Barefoot. After many years, and after the death of the original owners, the destruction of a Hurricane and the economy in Puerto Rico dwindling, Barefoot was put up for sale and bought by the now owners of Oceano.

The owners of Oceano remodeled the building, transforming it into the premiere spot for lunch and dinner in the Condado area.

After watching an episode of Chef Wanted, my interest piqued. When we visited PR this  year we decided to go for lunch. It was a great experience after so much personal history and after the many transformative events that have shaped Oceano.

I introduced myself as the Editor-in-Chief of Sofrito Magazine, and handed my card spoke to the manager, Jorge Silva. We were curious about the chef that had won the competition on the T.V. show, however to our (brief) disappointment, we found out he was no longer working there.

A lot of his dishes were kept in the menu and the sous-chef is now running the kitchen.

We ordered the Sweet Corn Soup with chipotle, sour cream and tortilla, beautifully spiced with the smokiness of the chipotle peppers, nicely balanced, and refreshing.



Yuca Crusted Calamari served with cilantro aioli and mango sweet chili.
The Yuca, (Cassava) which is a starchy root vegetable served in many Latin restaurants, was dried out and made into a flaky bread-like crust for the calamari. The calamari was filleted unlike the usual rings of squid we are used to, it is tossed in the yuca mixture and fried until crisp in texture and golden brown. The sauces were beautifully balanced almost like an agri-dolce (bitter-sweet) flavor.


Oceano Ceviche fresh snapper with pickled mango and plantain crisps, nice balance with the mango, fresh lime, and toasted caraway seeds.


As lunch, entrees we ordered the Churrasco Sandwich (skirt steak with caramelized onions and chimichurri, a garlic and parsley sauce) cooked to perfection and accompanied by French Fries.


Sushi Pizza is not your typical pizza. The crust base was made with tempura sushi rice and it’s topped with scallops, tuna, and tobiko fish roe. I would eat this dish for lunch and dinner as often as I could!. A very pleasant surprise that does work.

We were so satisfied with the portions that we decided to skip dessert. Next time we go back, we will surely go for dinner and desserts.


For a nice afternoon by the ocean this is the place to be, innovative food, intriguing ambience, and impeccable service. IMG_3406

Buen Provecho
Nelson Gonzalez-Gonzalez


Mon-Fri: 12pm – 5pm 787.724.6300 787.724.6315
Mon: Closed
Tue-Wed: 12pm – 12am
Thu: 12pm – 1am
Fri-Sat: 12pm – 2am
Sun: 11am – 12am


Mon-Fri: 9am – 5pm 787.724.6300 787.724.6315 Mon: Closed
Lunch: Tue-Sat 12pm – 5pm
Dinner: Tue-Wed 5pm-10pm; Thu-Sat 5pm-11pm; Sun 5pm-9pm
Brunch: Sun 11am-3pm

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