Puerto Rican Cookery


Puerto Rican Cookery
By Carmen Aboy Valldejuli
Author of Cocina Criolla





A treasure trove of authentic Puerto Rican recipes as described by the author.The indigenous Tainos and Arawaks, the African slaves brought to the island, not the Caribs or better known as conquistadores, influence the ingredients used.
Out of all the culinary books that I own that relates to Latin food, this one is the one I revisit over and over, this book influences my flan recipe. Being a former Pastry chef I altered the recipe and added my own twist to it, my recipe is made with three types of milk.

Every recipe I have tried in this book works it’s an easy read I love the preface and understanding where Carmen comes through her culinary path with her husband is a wonderful trip into the Puerto Rican kitchen.
If you are hungry for some typical Puerto Rican cuisine then try this book,  I have made Flan, Rice and Chicken, Beans, and Mofongo.
All these recipes are foolproof, the book is written in a way where they explain what ingredients you can replace without having to sacrifice too much of the original flavors.

So sit back enjoy make yourself some refreshing dinks that her husband put together in the last part of the book and surprise your friends and family with a home cooked Puerto Rican banquet.

You can purchase this book online via  http://www.amazon.com/Puerto-Rican-Cookery-Carmen-Valldejuli/dp/0882894110 follow this link and you can own a piece of Puerto Rico

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