Red Rooster Brunch

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Even though this is not a Latin restaurant, I do want to talk about it a little bit.

Marcus Samuelson’s Red Rooster in Harlem was quite an experience:

The atmosphere is great, very lively I arrived there around 1pm and the wait for an inside table was an hour, my companion asked if there was a difference in time if we sat outside and it was only 30 minutes wait, it happened to be less than that.

The food was quite a journey of flavors we ordered the cornbread that was served with Honey Butter and Tomato Jam the cornbread was exquisite made with Fresh corn the Tomato Jam I venture to say was made with Plum tomatoes and the Honey butter was not overly sweet it was a great compliment to the tartness of the Tomatoes and the sweetness of the cornbread.Image

The entrees were Helga’s Meatballs
served over a Veloute sauce with Braised Green Cabbage and Lingonberries with a side order of mashed potatoes. The waitress recommended to dig into a little of each component and taste it together the explosion of flavors and the tartness of the lingonberries, the Braising of the Cabbage and the meatballs with the Sauce Magnificent.Image

I ordered the Fried Yard Bird
Dark Chicken meat one Leg and one Thigh with white mace gravy, over Mashed Potatoes with house made pickles not overly tart and a Spicy sauce on the side the serve you a spicy mix shake to enhance the flavor even more, the skin is beautifully Crisp and even though the Sauce is over it while you are eating it remains nice and crispy.

For dessert we ordered the Dark Chocolate Cheesecake heaven on a plate decadent Layers of Devils Food served with Fresh Raspberries and Warm White Chocolate Mint Tea Sauce


Overall this place I would visit over and over again I am looking forward to tasting other items that looked awesome

Red Rooster Marcus Samuelson
Between 125TH AND 126TH •