Victor’s Cafe NYC


Saturday March 2, 2013
Victor’s Cafe is a New York City institution has been open for 45 years and righteously so
The atmosphere is high as you enter Victor’s you are transported to Cuba circa 1950’s-60’s

The service is great the attentiveness of the staff is quite nice, the food is good it does not pride itself with presentation, is very simple yet delicious for starter we ordered an appetizer dish called “Descubrimiento 1492” An assortment of classic Cuban appetizers for 2 it consisted of Chorizo with onions and tomato stew, corn fritter, plantain chips, deep fried breaded shrimp, cuban tamales, yuca chips, yuca fries2 dipping sauces one spicy tomato one and the other one was a chimichurri cold sauce.

Dinner arrives we ordered the Paella for one it takes 20 minutes to prepare it’s served in a earthen dish topped with a lobster tail and claw, the flavor is exquisite, I ordered the Filet Mignon it was cooked perfectly presentation was not the greatest for this dish perhaps because it was accompanied by white rice and black beans on a separate plate.

Dessert arrive we ordered Coconut Flan and Guava Cobbler
The custard (Flan) was very subtle the coconut was not overpowering I even questioned the flavor, the Cobbler was not a traditional cobbler in the sense of having the fruit in the bottom and topped with the crust instead it was similar to a linzer torte layered and the crust all throughout the dish itself.

My final thought, I would go back as many times as I can it was a wonderful culinary experience into the Cuban Cuisine.

Buen Provecho