Mousse Cream Punch (Mousse de Ponche de Crema)

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                    The Following Recipe is from our Magazine contributor Chef Carlos La Cruz It is a quintessential classic during the holidays in Venezuela It is his wish that you enjoy this wonderful creation. “Punch cream is our quintessential drink to share during Christmas I leave one […]


Cachapazo Mundial 2014 (Cachapazo World Day 2014)

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Friends of Sofrito magazine, I invite you all to attend Cachapazo Mundial 2014 (Cachapazo World Day 2014). For those who are not Venezuelan: a cachapa (a pancake/crepe-like dish) is a traditional and very typical artisanal and indígenous dish, made with corn. Similar to arepas, ( a flatbread made of ground maize dough or cooked flour […]